Thursday, February 21, 2008

hey i'm still alive!!!!!! and now have internet!!!!!

I'm still Alive. I've had no internet acces until today, and i should have it cclose to daily for the next month now. I've been keeping a journal on good old fashion paper. I'll start updating my blog with those so you can keep updated with what i've been up to. also i'll try to get some picks up when i have more time. everythign is amazing. this country is beautiful. our equipment arrived at our first location about 8 days late so we had a week paid vacation pretty much, although after that we started working double time. many 17 or 18 hour days. I just flew in the co-piolots seat cross country. having a blast, being told i need ot get to the dock right now. more equipment commign in. not writing complete sentances... i'll keep ya updated asap.


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