Friday, January 25, 2008

Almost there.

Well it's 5:37am. We're getting on a bus at 6:15 to get to the airport. The first few days of this have been great! The crew is wonderful, It turns out that I've previously known most of the members, or at least known of, and everyone I'm meeting is great. Its a hard working crew too. We spent three days prepping equipment in Linconton, GA and everything is finally loaded up (all 2 tons of gear!!!). By this afternoon I will be in the beautiful--and much warmer--country of Costa Rica. We may be going a few days without internet, so I'll post back when we happen to have it...

And off we go.

Monday, January 21, 2008

baby's first blog

Hello Family and Friends,

Well here it is my very first blog. It's currently 2:00am I need to be on the road to Linconton, GA in about 12 or 13 hours to meet with the crew of The Catch: Costa Rica. Amanda and I have been packing up our houses all day long and taking car loads over to my old house (where my old roommate Tom still lives, now by his lonesome). Tom has been very gracious as to let us store all of our stuff for the low low price of whats left of my fridge and very tiny liquor cabinet. With the help of our friends Josterday and Riggs (who together are known as Josteriggs) and their big van we moved most of our furniture. With Tom's truck on loan we'll be making our last few car loads in the morning. Then making last minute errands at the bank, post office, DMV, drugstore optometrist, and comcast, before we head off for our adventure.

Amanda will have her laptop with her in CR as she will be working on a video project of her own, so I will have occasional internet access to update this blog with stories and pictures. in the mean time check out to see a promo of the season. you can also see my and Amanda's photos on that website by clicking on the "company" link and then the "associates" link from there. I'll be thinking of everyone as we begin our adventure. thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.