Wednesday, February 27, 2008

On to our next location

This is just after take-off from Tortuguero. Sadly i don't have any pics of the landing in Gulfito.

Two contestants have gone home so far. We all look forward to eliminations now as the fewer the contestants the fewer people we have to cover. It allows an off day for a camera opp with sun poisoning; It allows twenty minutes for a camera/sound team to rest during the day. On top of that equipment has been lost. A camera went down with water damage, a contestant dropped the mic into the toilet which killed that. The fewer of them the better we can cover everything going on and eventually we may not have to work seven day weeks. The flight from Tortuguero into Gulfito was a fun one. The plane fit five people if one sat in the co-pilots seat. I got to ride up front. We flew around 6,000 to 10,000 feet so I got to see a lot of the country as we flew from the north-east coast to the south-west in the bay of the Osa Peninsula. Flying over the pacific coast was unreal. I forgot to take pictures because i was so distracted by the post-card beauty. It looked fake. Upon landing in Gulfito we had lunch at a small restaurant and then took a boat across the bay to Playa Zancudo. We're fishing out of the Zancudo Lodge but cast and crew have beeen scattered around all along the beach. The cast just moved into their permenant location which is a beautiful beach house that sleeps all ten of them. The house is a few miles down the road which we all appreciate. Any separation is wonderful. Tomorrow will mark two more days of fishing followed by filming the intro/outro to the episode and by the end of the weekend two more contestants will be heading home. All the crew is eagerly awaiting.

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