Friday, January 25, 2008

Almost there.

Well it's 5:37am. We're getting on a bus at 6:15 to get to the airport. The first few days of this have been great! The crew is wonderful, It turns out that I've previously known most of the members, or at least known of, and everyone I'm meeting is great. Its a hard working crew too. We spent three days prepping equipment in Linconton, GA and everything is finally loaded up (all 2 tons of gear!!!). By this afternoon I will be in the beautiful--and much warmer--country of Costa Rica. We may be going a few days without internet, so I'll post back when we happen to have it...

And off we go.


Hillary said...

Hey stinker - seen your first puma yet? Miss you... when you get back stateside we'll have to hang and you can fill me in and deliver my PUMA.
smooches :)

Relating Publicly said...

Pretty sure at this point you've been eaten by my puma. Since this is the case, I'll continue your blog for you.


Today we stood knee deep in a swamp filled with blood sucking mosquitos. I think I actually saw a dinosaur - they neglected to mention we're actually filming in the old Jurassic Park location. Who knew they actually manipulated DNA in order to create real dinosaurs for that movie? Awkwardly enough, we actually ran into Jeff Goldbloom too... which would explain his absence from film all these years.
Amanda has quickly adapted to living in our mud hut. Her hair even looks good all done up with sticks and berries. As for me, I've adapted well to my loin cloth. I added some feathers for flair and really feel as if it adds a nice touch.

Costa Rica is really fun, but I miss Cheetos. and Fire. and Warm Showers. and Razors. I'm starting to look like Amish Paradise.

The End.

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