Thursday, March 6, 2008

sun sun sun

Battling the sun is a constant task. This close to the equator, the sun is in a different class than what I'm used to. Amanda pokes fun at my daily "bath" in sunscreen, but for me it's necessary. On fishing days we're on the water from 6 in the morning till 3 or 4 in the afternoon with verry little shade on the boats. On these days I wear rafting shoes for grip in the boat to help me keep my balance, long pants that zip off at the knees, but I rarely ever zip them off. I wear a long sleeve fishing shirt with built in SPF. I wear fingerless gloves so I can still operate my camera but the backs of my hands are covered. I wear a wide brimmed hat and polarized sun glasses to protect my eyes. All thats left, my ankles, wrists, neck, nose and cheeks are basted with spf45. I think I'm the only crew member who has not been burned to the point of peeling. Two cameramen have had to take a day off due to bad burns. Amanda got sun poisoning on her chest. Just a little rim where the neckline of her shirt sagged a bit where she hadn't used any sunscreen. My cloths are hot, but the discomfort is welcomed if it will keep me from burning. My nose and cheeks are getting a bit red but overall I've winning the fight. Tomorrow is another fishing day. I have a soundman on my boat now, so time passes much faster with someone to talk to. Today, my boat was the top boat. My two fishermen boated seven sailfish. After tomorrow's fishing and another day of intro/outro's we will have our first complete day off. Marcos and I are talking about chartering a boat to get to do some fishing ourselves. It would be great to not have to worry about any work, and try to catch some big fish of our own. We've certainly had all the lessons we need. The boat is a little over $700 for the day. If we could find a third the cost wouldn't be too bad. I'm worried we won't be able to find another taker though. most people don't want to get onto a boat after 2 days on the water. Not to mention we're back on the waiter again saturday and sunday. Whether we go fishing to not, everyone is looking forward to the day off.

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