Thursday, March 6, 2008

Our Day Off

Well as expected no one wanted to get on the water on our day off. And Marcos didn't want to have to pay $350 or more to fish, so instead its a relaxing day at the homestead. A few people rented surfboards and there were some boggie boards at the house as well, so I waited until the sun was past its prime and ventured out into sun and surf. I started out on a short board with a broken leash. (it had been abandoned by everyone else because you had to go chase it into shore every time you fell off) I could ride the waves on my stomach and push up to about my knees but couldn't quite stand on it. It was a pretty short board which makes it not very stable, and not quite ideal for a beginner. Once someone gave up the only longboard we had I grabbed that and started paddling out to the breakers. On my first wave I rode it in and stood up, riding it all the way to shore. It's not the most graceful thing in the world but after about an hour I was able to ride and even turn a little bit in the water. I hope we get some more time off for more practice. Plus Amanda wasn't able to come out because she was working on her documentary. If she doesn't get to try it down here we'll definitely try to work it out when we get out to LA. Amanda's doc is the last thing she has to do for college. She officially graduates college on March 16th or something like that. So she's fine tuning everything and going to be sending it off to the states for her professor to review, and in a few weeks Amanda will be a college graduate. We'll try to have some fun tonight because tomorrow it's back to work, and Saterday starts another 2 days of fishing. And after this weekend we send another two contestants home.

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