Saturday, July 10, 2010

Funny or Die.

Funny or Die is another company I've been working with fairly regularly. I've done about a dozen project with them this year. One of which for their new HBO show, "Funny or Die presents..." FOD offers cool oportunities to work with some big name talent on a small scale. Here are a few projects I worked on.

The first project I worked for that made it up online was co-directed by Ron Howard and Jake Syzmanski (that might not be spelled correctly. sorry jake)

The next day we worked on another project also directed by Ron Howard and Jake. It was pretty exciting to work with all those actors. I was the A-camera first AC.

and you can catch me in the behind the scenes video once or twice.

The next to make it up online was a funny project with Ralph Macchio, the original karate kid. I was the B camera operator for about half the show.

Next was a spot for Mini. Apparently there's a bit of a feud going on between mini and Porsche so Mini hired FOD to fuel the fire.

There are several more that have yet to make it up to the site, including a short with John Slattery (of Mad Men) dressed as a transvestite. An video with the Magician, Rickey Jay, and a spoof of Mad Men, staring Joey McIntyre. I'll post them once they're finished!

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